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Dwell on The Positives

That some things seem to be lacking your life now is not the absence of them.   What the enemy wants to remind you are your failings, your rejections, dejection and things lacking in your life.  Because, he knows that as long as you dwell on the negatives, your outcome remains negative. But in this platform, we want to remind you of victories, of success, of abundant life, all in Christ.
You are what God says you are: blessed!  True blessing starts from knowing am truly blessed. No wonder 2Peter1:2 says, "Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord!"  Knowledge in things of God is a multiplier of God's blessings.

Heavy Weight In The Making

When am building strength, I don't see the strength. But when am done building strength I start seeing strength.

Today's heavy weights were yesterday's lighter weights. They just kept building their strength.
Every professional was an amateur.

Ever seen people braking strong large rocks. They keep hitting over and over: one, ten, twenty, on an on, until a final strike shatters the rock to pieces. It was not just that one final blow that did the magic; every single blow was part of the shattering work. But the blows just had to keep hitting the rock for the final effect to come by. What a life lesson.
Work is simply forfeiting today's ease for bigger, better and more rewarding comfort tomorrow.
But don't work hard, work smart.

Men are made in pressure

Most of the precious things we use in life are produced by pressure.
Gold is refined under intense heat and pressure.
To get the juice from an orange, pressure is applied.
In the same way, certain heats are needed to produce men.
There is a  tendency to relax as long as no one is applying pressure on your life.
Some people will never have built houses if not that Landlord has pressured them.
Some will never do anything unless there is quick reward.

The law of motion states that a body continues at rest or uniform motion on a straight line unless external force is applied: so with many people in destiny.
Many people will never move forward unless nudged.
That's why God gave us words of inspiration and motivation.
No matter how down or battered a man maybe in destiny, there is something he'll hear and a new life will be infused again.
However, never wait for motivation. Great men in destiny are known to be self motivated.
It's better to learn through obedience than throug…

Vision and Life

Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18).

 Abraham saw a vision:
The vision separated Him from comfort zone. Remember that at more than 70 he was still in his fathers house.The vision took him on an unknown journey.The vision made him to stand alone, save for his wife and lot.The vision unveiled his life.The vision blessed his life and his generation. Note:
Lack of vision is what ties people down on a not too good venture. Lack of vision makes one unsatisfied yet each morning he is rushing off to "slave house" called workLack of vision makes people afraid of risks.Lack of vision makes one afraid to stand on his convictions - a situation where opinion is the ruler of destiny. Fear of failure (unknown) is the greatest vision killer.


I wanted to hide what I carry.
I thought that to release is to loose,
Until withholding made me smell.
It choked me and vexed my soul,
How much more neighbours.

Now I've learn't the secrete;
The river was my teacher.
I looked to the river and saw its beauty.
It flows, glides, and reflects.
Because when it outflows, then there is room for inflow.

I can't hide again!
I must shine!
I must flow!
I am the river of God.
What about you?

No Polish for Death

When something is dead around you, please do me this favour:
Don't nurture it, don't pamper it, don't polish it. 
Call it back to life or buried it forever! 

Holding unto dead things frustrate the new life we can have.  When dead people occupy our hearts, we frustrate the living;
When dead relationships occupy us, we kill promising ones;
When past failures and mistakes occupy us, we keep repeating the failure.
Live today for today and for tomorrow.
Just your best of life.

Live Your Best Life Today

Today! There is no better day than today. Today is a gift, take it, treasure it. Today is the reality of yesterday's hopes. You prayed yesterday, today is the answer.
The best way to start something is start it, There is no guru, there is no expert; The experts and gurus of today are the yesterday's "journey just come". They just learnt how to bypass yesterday's mistakes and failures; They learnt to do it better.
If I were you: I would pray now than wait for a special tomorrow; I would believe today; I would sing my best song today; I would dance my best dance today, no special song tomorrow; I would rejoice today, I would love today; I would live my best life today.

The Problem is not in seasons

The problem is not in the season.  What matters is the person going through seasons. The God of summer is the God of winter. Other birds struggle to flap their wings but the eagles wait for the wind to rise. They mount their wings and soar.


Don't let anyone make you pay again when Christ has paid already. Remember this always. The vessel you carry with to the river is what you will draw with; if you go with only a cup to the river, don't envy a man that went with tanker or pipeline. Life answers to you based on your demands to it, not on your wishful thinking. Your frustrations today could be payment for yesterday's neglect. Life has a way of multiplying seeds; make sure the seeds you're sowing today is what you will like to show up tomorrow.


God has no use for your abilities if it won't depend on Him. He uses available people.
God will do great, great things with a surrendered destiny.

Excellence needs no definition, it speaks for itself.
Little details is the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

Rest Assured

When God is involved, rest is assured.

Daily Inspiration

Any relationship that exposes your weaknesses like a broken wall is bogus and negative.

Daily Inspiration

Labour without favour is slavery!