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Our Salvation Nearer Than When We First Believed

Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.(Romans 13:11) 

Salvation simply means to deliver from danger, destruction, sin, sickness or oppression. That is exactly what Jesus gave us when He died on our place in the cross. That salvation contains all that concerns our liberty from sickness, poverty, sin and all oppression.
 However, the salvation the Holy Spirit is writing in our anchor scripture today is about the final deliverance that we believers in Christ are hoping for. That time when the final enemy (death) will be destroyed, when their will no more be sorrow and weeping for the redeemed. It is that time when Jesus Christ will return in glory to take His faithful followers.
We are so close to this time of our final salvation. We ought to know the time but the challenge with this generation is that it is blind to the time. The fulfillment of the prophecies of the end time is the only clock we need to understand urgency of our time but many have refused to see.
God has used several ministers to bring this warning but like people of Sodom and people of Noah's time this Oracles have been ridiculed and despised, that in itself is a further validation: God's word is clear that in the last days people will not endure sound doctrines.
God is calling on us to wake up. It is time to anoint the eye with eye-salve so we do not keep wallowing in darkness. It is time prepare for Christ's return. It is time to watch and pray. God has commanded to warn this generation that His return is near.
The governments of the world do not have the answers and solutions to the many challenges of the end time. They can only speculate and try to bail out water from a drowning boat. Only in Christ is everlasting peace. Our peace in Christ comes from assurance of God's presence and a hope of our final salvation. Wake up and repent.


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