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The Four Abilities of God Needed For a Turn Around

The reason people troop to the wrong places looking for answers to the various questions that life asked them is because many do not understand the ability of the Almighty God to save through Christ Jesus. Many have been duped, raped, destroyed and plundered because instead of coming to God who can truly save, they were deceived by people, personalities and powers claiming to offer solution. 
God in Himself has several abilities that He has manifested at various times and I will just discuss shortly four out of the many needed to turn the situation of any man around:

(1) Ability to Reconcile Man Back To Himself - "And you who were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled" (Col1:21). After the fall of man through sin in the beginning, a vacuum was created on his inside. Since then man has been wallowing not knowing that the missing link in peace with God. That explains the several religions of the world; man can't exist without worshiping something. He must idolize something in order to temporary fill the vacuum inside. For Adam and Eve they tried to cover their own emptiness with leaves yet it could not help until God shed the blood of an animal and clothed them with its skin.
A minister shared with us how he was called to minister to a man wailing and agonizing on his hospital bed. He was already feeling the agony of hell while still clinging to life. This minister tried to preach to this agonizing man of God's love and ability to reconcile man no matter the weight of his sins yet the man was saying I have committed so much atrocities and God cannot forgive me. The minister struggled with that man until he finally died. He died and went to hell not because God has not saved us but because of lack of understanding that one of God's ability is reconciliation. Angels wonder why God is so mindful of man that God could give himself as a sacrifice for man's redemption. I too wonder so. But I guess it is because of God's investment in man. He made man in His own image. He breathed into man His own breath; that is to say He poured His own soul into man. That is why God can go to any length to restore man and reconcile him back to himself. He simply loves man and that explains it best.
Many do not believe in this ability of God so they die pursuing vain passion and religion. They keep playing religion thinking it is their own sacrifice that will earn them salvation. But the weight of man's fall is so much that no man's sacrifice or piety or religion can save him. It can only come from a sheep without blemish. It can only come from a man in whom is no sin. That is why Jesus, a man who knew no sin died that we who believe may become God's righteousness. 
To Be Continued...


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