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The Four Abilities of God Needed for a Turn Around (Pt2)

In part one of the topic: The Four Abilities of God Needed for a Turn Around, I started by saying that God has several abilities. If we truly understand some these, it will bring a kind of transformation that is marveling. The first ability I mentioned is His reconciling ability. Read the post for more on that. Today we are going further to the second one:

(2) Ability to Cancel all our Debts: "And you, who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all our trespasses, by cancelling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. This he set aside, nailing it to the cross." (Colossians 2:13-14)

The requirement of sin is that we pay the penalty of it. Sin carries a penalty and every man born into the world is a debtor by reason of Adam's fall. Aside the dept every man inherited from the first man, Adam's fall there are many other inherited dept: for example, the curse emanating from the offense of a father does not end with his death, it is passed from generation to generations in his lineage until a righteous generation rises and cuts off from it (Exodus 20:5). Any generation that refuses to cut off is mandated and forced by legal powers supervised by devilish spirits to pass through harsh existence here on earth paying for the iniquity they do not know anything about. Ignorance of it does not even exempt one from it. These laws exist; whatever a man sows he reaps. The law has it that even if he dies let the penalties he supposed to pay be transferred to the next generation. Using our normal physical living as an example, when a man dies his survivors inherit any assets he left behind but the liability is not also left behind. Any reproach he passed through somehow affects those he left behind. Even his errors and mistakes somehow hunts the living.
Apart from inherited dept there is also personal dept, mistakes and errors. Many are living in hell already here on earth for the errors they committed. Some are serving jail terms for missing the path. Human laws punishes offense; spiritual laws much more. There are things a man will commit and he will pay through his nose and even those closest to him may not forgive him again. Some are in deep dungeons and bondage for slipping off the right path. They are regretting but no one cares about their change of heart. Every mention of their name is traced to their error. Their error has re-branded and renamed them. They are forgotten and left to die in shame and misery. If there is anything called 'a second chance' they are not aware. We live in a generation that does not forgive offense. They can celebrate you when you are shining but one slip from you will reveal their axe.
However, the good news is that it is for these hopeless people that Jesus died for. Jesus forgives when the world cannot find a space for you again. He wrote the dept over your life off not with money, not with the legislation of man but by the the legislation of the highest power and law in existence. The power of His own righteous blood. That is the costliest commodity anywhere in existence. His own blood. The blood of any other man cannot do it because it takes a blood of a lamb without blemish to take the place of a guilty man. Hallelujah! Jesus canceled all the requirements and handwriting legally speaking against us just to save us and prove His love to us. I love this kind of saviour. A saviour that gave himself to save me, a saviour that loves me just the way I am. No more curses, no more dept, no more shame. Jesus broke the cage that tied us down in bondage and let us fly away in freedom. Have you received this yet?
To be continued...


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