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The Four Abilities of God (Pt3)

(3) Ability To Turn Captivity: "And the Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before his captivity" (Job 42:10).
The third ability of God am considering here is God's ability to turn any kind of captivity around. It does not matter how old it has lasted, God is older than every captivity. It does not matter how big the challenge is, our God is immeasurably and unquantifiable in might and power. It does not even matter the diagnosis that man in his learning and expertise has given to the captivity, God is bigger than the wisdom (analysis and understanding) of man. No matter what man learns and discovers tomorrow he is still limited where God is concerned.
Consequently, it is only God that can turn captivity. Man can only try to treat but healing only comes from God. Some get certain challenges in life and they think that a more knowledgeable professional will be able to help but many times disappointment is what follows. It is important to learn how to connect to God for any situation in need of change. Even if man can be of help, revelation of the right man will still come from God. This is because every man cannot solve your problem; there is always a man. So we cannot indeed do without our maker.
Captivity also affords people to learn certain lessons. For Job he really saw how easy it is to have friends and well wishers in time of affluence and how easy it is to lose them in time of affliction. This still plays out well in our own time and when it happens the people who had gone through the affliction and captivity find it hard to forgive their former friends. And to be realistic and true it is hard to forgive people who abandoned you just because something went wrong with your life. But the truth is that one of the weapons that God uses in turning a man's affliction is the man's ability to first forgive his friends. Job was able to wield this weapon of forgiveness and God's ability was unleashed upon him. Many times we have limited God's ability because the pains we went through from our friends are so much and we could not forgive. But today God is showing us a key.
I see someone's captivity turning today in Jesus name. Nothing can stop it again. Just like Israel cried and said according Psalm 126 "when God brought back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream" God will turn your captivity and every thing that has mocked you in the past; and it will be like play, it will just be like a dream. Even you will find it hard to believe that it happened for you.
Just declare with me: Lord I receive a turn around in Jesus name.


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